Complete for 2 points

Am faigh sinn làmh-an-uachdair orra?

Will we beat them?

We learned some vocabulary for discussing sports as a pastime in A1 and A2 Cuspair 8. Here we’ll learn some vocabulary and phrases for a’ leantainn spòrs (following sports). There are many programmes with Gaelic commentary on BBC ALBA and BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, and these are fantastic for practising your listening skills and building your sports vocabulary. Although it’s usually pretty fast, you can often listen or watch these programmes again on BBC iPlayer or BBC Sounds.

Some more vocabulary is needed for talking about sport. We often hear the following words in sports programmes.

lean! (v)


buannaich! (v)


caill! (v)


a’ leantainn (vn)


a’ buannachadh (vn)


a’ call (vn)


neach–leantainn (m)


neach–taice (m)


neach–amhairc (m)


Dè an spòrs as fheàrr leat leantainn agus carson?

What’s your favourite sport and why?

‘S e iomain as fheàrr leam leantainn a chionn ‘s gu bheil i luath!

Shinty is my favourite to follow because it’s fast!

Dè tha math mun spòrs a tha sin?

What is good about that sport?

‘S e geama a dh’fheumas tòrr sgil agus neart.

It’s a game that requires a lot of skill and strength.

Dè cho tric ‘s a bhios tu a’ dol a dh’fhaicinn sin?

How often do you go to see that?

Cha deach mi gu geama riamh nam bheatha.

I have never been to a game in my life.

Am bi thu ga choimhead air an teilidh?

Do you watch it on television?

Bidh mi ga choimhead air an teilidh nuair nach fhaigh mi chun a’ gheama.

I watch it on television when I can’t get to a game.

Cha bhi leis gum bi mi ag èisteachd ris air an rèidio anns a’ chàr feasgar Disathairne.

I don’t because I listen to it on the radio in the car on Saturday afternoon(s).

Am bi thu ag èisteachd ri aithrisean spòrs air Radio nan Gàidheal?

Do you listen to sports reports on Radio nan Gàidheal?

Bidh, ach ‘s ann air a’ fòn a bhios mi ag èisteachd ris an rèidio!

I do, but it’s on my phone that I listen to the radio!

Bithidh. Bidh mi ag èisteachd ri Spòrs na Seachdain is eile gu tric.

I do. I listen to Spòrs na Seachdain and others often.

Chan fhaigh mi am prògram beò, ach bidh mi ag èisteachd ris a–rithist air BBC Sounds.

I can’t get the programme live, but I listen to it again on BBC Sounds.