Complete for 2 points

Mus do bhreab i am bàl …

Before she kicked the ball …

Look at the sentences below and play with the different answers until you’re happy with them. Have fun!

Mus do bhreab i am bàl, chuir an cluicheadair am bàl sìos

Before she kicked the ball, the player put the ball down

ann am meadhan na pàirce.

in the middle of the park.

ann an oisean na pàirce.

in the the corner of the park.

air oir na pàirce.

on the edge of the park.

ann an oisean a’ bhogsa.

in the corner of the box.

aig ceann shuas na pàirce.

at the top (end) of the park.

aig ceann shìos na pàirce.

at the bottom (end) of the park

air an taobh dheas.

on the right side.

air an taobh chlì.

on the left side.