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A' cumail taic ri sgioba

Supporting a team

How do we support our team in Gaelic? We need some more vocabulary! In this section we’ll learn some phrases we can use to support or encourage a player or team.

Siuthad Alba!

Come on Scotland!/Go Scotland!

Siuthadaibh a bhalachaibh!

Come on boys!/Go boys!

Siuthadaibh a chlann–nighean!

Come on girls!/Go girls!

Greasaibh oirbh!

Hurry up!

Dallaibh oirbh!

Get on with it/Get stuck in!

A–steach leis!

Into it/him!

Ciamar a tha a’ dol dhuinn?

How are we getting on?

✅Tha glè mhath.

Very well.

⛔Chan eil ro mhath.

Not too great.

Dè tha iad a’ dèanamh?

What are they doing?

Cò aige tha brath!

Who knows!

‘S beag a dh’fhios!

Who knows!

Carson a dhèanadh iad sin?

Why would they do that?

Carson nach dèanadh?

Why would they not (do)?

If we are supporting a team, we have to know who is playing against our team. We need another compound preposition to do that.