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Aig a' gheama — Dèanta!

At the game - Dèanta!

You should now be confident about:

  • a’ bruidhinn mu spòrs agus na tha a’ tachairt ann an geama | talking about sport and what happens in a game
You should also be confident about:
  • roimhearan fillte: A DH’IONNSAIGH, AN AGHAIDHOS CIONN, AN ÀITE, ÀS DÈIDH a–rithist | Compound prepositions: A DH’IONNSAIGH, AN AGHAIDH, OS CIONN, AN ÀITE, ÀS DÈIDH again
  • roimhearan fillte le buadhairean sealbhach: NAR N–AGHAIDH | compound prepositions with possessive adjectives

Anabarrach math!

You have learnt to talk about Aig a’ gheama (At the game) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini–test to see how well you’re doing?

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