Complete for 2 points

Suas is sìos agus shuas is shìos

Downwards and upwards and down and up

We have talked about place, where things are, with: suassìosclìdeas. We often use these words to say where somebody or something is on the pàirc (park) or raon spòrs (sports field) or raoncluiche (playing field). Remember we use suas and sìos with movement: a’ dol suasa’ dol sìos. We use shuas and shìos to say whether someone or something is ‘up’ or ‘down’.

If two nouns are used together then the second one takes the possessive (genitive) case:

meadhan na pàirce

middle of the park

oisean na pàirce

the corner of the park

oir na pàirce

the edge of the park

oisean a’ bhogsa

the corner of the box

ceann shìos na pàirce

the bottom of the park

ceann shuas na pàirce

the top of the park

air an taobh dheas

on the right side

air an taobh chlì

on the left side

But if an adverb comes before the noun then the noun remains in the nominal (nominative) case:

(a’ dol)suas a’ phàirc(going)up the park
(a’ dol)sìos a’ phàirc(going)down the park