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A bheil thu a' tarraing asam? 

Are you joking?

We’re familiar with the simple preposition à (from, out of) already. We saw this in questions like Cò às a tha thu? (Where are you from?) and we saw in Cuspair 3 that we can use this preposition with cinnteach in the idiomatic phrase: tha mi cinnteach às (I am certain of it).  

Like cinnteach às another idiomatic phrase which uses the preposition à is a’ tarraing asam, which means ‘kidding me on’, similar to the English phrase ‘pulling my leg’.

Just like other simple prepositions, if we want to use à with the pronouns mi, thu, e, i, sinn, sibh and iad, we need to combine these into prepositional pronouns. 

à + mi asam out of me 
à + thu asad out of you (singular) 
à + e às out of him 
à + i aiste out of her 
à + sinn asainn out of us 
à + sibh asaibh out of you (polite/plural) 
à + iad asta out of them 
A bheil thu a’ tarraing asam? 
Are you pulling out of me? 
Chan eil mi a’ tarraing asad idir. 
Isn’t pulling out of you at all. 

Thug sin mo lùths asam

That took my strength out of me

Thug mi leum asam thairis air an fheansa

I jumped over the fence

Thug mi grèim às

I took a bite of it

Thug mi an car aiste

I tricked her (I took the twist out of her)

Leig mi sgreuch asam

I let out a scream