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A bheil morgaids agad air an taigh? 

Do you have a mortgage on the house?

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will have learned some valuable phrases that you can use in lots of different conversations. 

Tha mo shròn a’ cur dragh orm. Dè a’ phrìs–reic a bh’ air an taigh a cheannaich thu? My nose is bothering me. What was the sale price of the house you bought?
Uill cha bu toil leam a ràdh! Ach cha robh e ro dhaor dhomh. Well, I wouldn’t like to say! But it wasn’t too dear for me.
A bheil morgaids agad air an taigh, ma–thà? Do you have a mortgage on the house, then?
Nach eil fhios agad gu bheil! Tha e a’ cosg faisg air £800! Of course I do! [lit. don’t you know that I do]! It costs almost £800.
Abair e. £800 gach mìos? Gun ghuth air cìsean, dealan is teasachadh agus a h–uile rud eile? Wow! £800 each month? Not to mention taxes, electricity and heating and everything else?
Dìreach. Ach chan eil sin ro dhaor. Ged a tha e nas daoire aig an ìre seo, bidh taigh agus dachaigh agam aig a’ cheann thall. Indeed. But that’s not too dear. Even though it’s dearer at this point, I’ll have a house and a home at the end of it.
Tha thu ceart a sin. You’re so right [lit. you’re right, there].
Smaoinich! Am flat agadsa, a bheil thu a’ gabhail an àite air mhàl? Just think! Your flat, do you rent the place?
Nach eil fhios agad gu bheil. Ach tha e cofhurtail, freagarrach, agus nas fheàrr na na flataichean eile san taigh sin.  Don’t you know that I do. But it’s comfortable, suitable and better than the other flats in that house.
Uill, saoilidh mi nach biodh tu fhathast ann nam biodh e mì–chofhurtail agus mì–fhreagarrach! Ach dè tha thu a’ pàigheadh, uile gu lèir? Well, I think you wouldn’t still be there if it was uncomfortable, unsuitable! But what are you paying, altogether?
Uill, mar a thuirt thu fhèin, cha bu toil leam a ràdh!  Well, as you said yourself, I wouldn’t like to say!
Nach biodh e na b’ fhearr àite–fuirich a lorg a cheannaicheadh tu? Tha sin nas fheàrr na bhith a’ cur an airgid agad ann an spògan uachdarain. Wouldn’t it be better to find a place to stay [accommodation] that you could buy? That’s better than putting your money in the paws of a landlord. 
Tha fios ’am. I know.