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Thogainn taigh

I'd build a house

There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about housing. 

Pìos fearainn

A piece of (bit of) land

Beagan airgid

A little bit of money

An togadh tu fhèin taigh …

Would you (yourself) build a house …

… nam biodh pìos fearainn no beagan airgid agad?

… if you had a bit of land or a little bit of money?

Tha cothroman ann ma bhios sùil gheur agad

There are opportunities if you have a keen eye

We saw an tràth cumhach (the conditional tense) with irregular verbs rach and thig  in Cuspair 2. We’ll look here at regular verbs in the conditional tense. 

An togadh tu? 

Would you build?

To form the conditional tense of regular verbs, we add the ending –adh or –eadh to the root form of the verb, following the broad to broad, slender to slender spelling rule. Just like in the past tense, the independent form is lenited where possible, and a dh’ is added to verbs beginning with a vowel or f + vowel

tog + adh thogadh 
ceannaich+ eadh cheannaicheadh 
imrich + eadh dh‘imricheadh 
fuirich+ eadh dh‘fhuiricheadh 

Question and negative forms aren’t lenited except where this is caused by Cha

Tog! | a’ togail

Raise, build, lift! | raising

An togadh?

Would raise?

Nach togadh?

Wouldn’t raise?


Would raise

Cha togadh

Wouldn’t raise


I would raise


We would raise

Ceannaich! | a’ ceannach

Buy! | buying

An ceannaicheadh?

Would buy?

Nach ceannaicheadh?

Wouldn’t buy?


Would buy

Cha cheannaicheadh

Wouldn’t buy


I would buy


We would buy

Imrich! | ag imrich

Flit, move! | flitting

An imricheadh?

Would flit?

Nach imricheadh

Wouldn’t flit?


Would flit

Chan imricheadh

Wouldn’t flit


I would flit


We would flit

Am fuiricheadh?

Would stay?

Nach fuiricheadh?

Wouldn’t stay?


Would stay

Chan fhuiricheadh

Wouldn’t stay


I would stay


We would stay

Am pàigheadh tu mìle not gach mìos airson taigh air mhàl?

Would you pay a thousand pounds a month for a rented house?

An togadh e taigh anns an eilean ma tha croit aige?

Would he build a house on the island if he has a croft?

Thogamaid taigh anns an Fhraing gun dragh sam bith!

We would build a house in France without a problem!

Chan imrichinn dhan Spàinn, tha e fada ro theth dhòmhsa!

I wouldn’t move to Spain, it’s far too hot for me!

An lorgadh tu àite–fuirich idir anns an Eilean Sgitheanach?

Would you look for a house in Skye at all?

Cheannaicheadh iad taigh sa bhad nam biodh an t–airgead aca.

They would buy a house right a way if they had the money.