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Complete for 2 points

Tha Seòna a' fuireach … 

Shona lives …

Look at the sentences below and play with the different answers until you’re happy with them. There are no wrong answers. Have fun! 

Tha Seòna a’ fuireach

Shona lives
ri taobh beside os cionn above air beulaibh in front of air cùlaibh at the back of mu choinneamh opposite the town an dèidh after

na bùtha.

the shop.

Ghluais Ciorstaidh gu flat ùr dìreach

Kirsty moved to a new flat right
rim thaobh. beside me. rid thaobh. beside you (singular). ri thaobh . beside him. ri taobh. beside her. rir taobh (ri ar taobh). beside us. rur taobh (ri ur taobh). beside you (polite/plural). rin taobh. beside them.