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Bilingual transcription: Taigheadas 

Bilingual transcription: Housing

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her useful tips and favourite phrases.  

This time: words and phrases related to housing


When we talk about taigheadas we are talking about where people live.

In this context fuirich means live or stay, and

a’ fuireach is living, a’ fuireach.

In some Gaelic speaking areas you’ll hear:

fan and

a’ fantainn

or a’ fantail, which mean the same thing.

It’s good to be aware that dialects can and do vary a little so that you’re not thrown when you hear unfamiliar words.  But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to remember everything!  Just expect the unexpected, and you’ll be dìreach taghta.  

Now, to ask someone where they live, it’s

Càit a bheil thu / a’ fuireach? Where do you live? Càit a bheil thu a’ fuireach?

To ask where they lived or where they were living, you can say:

Càit an robh thu / a’ fuireach? Càit an robh thu a’ fuireach?

Or you can use the future or habitual tense:

Càit am bi thu / a’ fuireach?  Where will you be staying.  Where do you stay or where do you live? Càit am bi thu a’ fuireach?

And there are so many types of dwelling places, but some of the more useful ones to be aware of are:

àite-fuirich, a place to stay, or accommodation, àite-fuirich;

togalach is used generally for a building, togalach;

and of course: taigh is a house, taigh. 

We often hear the English word flat used for a flat, but that may be qualified by explaining that it’s a flat ann an clobhsa, in a close, ann an clobhsa. This is a useful phrase if you live in one of  the many tenement flats in our towns and cities.  

There are also many different ways to pay for a home:

màl is rent, màl.

And taigh air mhàl is a rented house, taigh air mhàl.

To explain that you’re renting a place, you would use:

a’ gabhail àite / air mhàl renting a place, a’ gabhail àite air mhàl;

where you will have to be a’ pàigheadh màl, paying rent, a’ pàigheadh màl.

Of course, if your circumstances allow, you can:

Ceannaich / le morgaids, buy with a mortgage, ceannaich le morgaids.