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Dè na tha e? 

How much is it?

The vocabulary for buying things and talking about prices was first introduced in A1 Cuspair 10. The phrases used at A1 are used again here to discuss the cost of living arrangements. 

morgaids (f)


màl (m)


cosgais (f)

cost, expense

prìs–reic (f)

sale price

air mhàl


tabhartas (m)

grant, donation

Let’s add to that list with some words and phrases from the conversation. 

Dè a’ phrìs–reic a bh’ air an taigh a cheannaich thu?

What was the sale price of the house you bought?

Ach cha robh e ro dhaor dhomh.

But it wasn’t too dear for me.

A bheil morgaids agad air an taigh …?

Do you have a mortgage on the house …?

Tha e a’ cosg faisg air £800!

It costs almost £800.

Gun ghuth air cìsean, dealan is teasachadh agus a h–uile rud eile?

Not to mention taxes, electricity and heating and everything else?

Ged a tha e nas daoire aig an ìre seo, bidh taigh agus dachaigh agam aig a’ cheann thall.

Even though it’s dearer at this point, I’ll have a house and a home at the end of it.

… dè tha thu a’ pàigheadh, uile gu lèir?

… what are you paying, altogether?

… cha bu toil leam a ràdh!

… I wouldn’t like to say!

Dè na tha e?

How much is it?

Tha e còig ceud not gach bliadhna.

It’s five hundred pounds each year.

Dè tha thu a’ pàigheadh ann am màl?

What are you paying in rent?

Tha mi a’ pàigheadh mìle not sa mhìos.

I’m paying a thousand pounds a month.

Dè na chosg an taigh?

How much did the house cost?

Chosg an taigh dà cheud mìle not!

The house cost two hundred thousand pounds!

A bheil flat agad air mhàl?

Do you rent a flat?

Tha. Tha flat agam air mhàl an–dràsta.

I do. I rent a flat just now.

Dè na tha a’ mhorgaids agad gach mìos?

What is your mortgage each month?

Tha e naoi ceud not sa mhìos.

It’s nine hundred pounds a month.

Obh obh, tha a h–uile rud cho daor!

Oh dear, everything is so expensive!

Dè am màl a tha thu a’ pàigheadh?

What rent are you paying?

Tha fios ’am! Tha màl an taighe agam còrr is £1000 gach mìos.

I know. The rent on my house is more than £1000 a month!