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Ri taobh na h–aibhne 

Beside the river

In Cuspair 3 we looked again at roimhearan fillte (compound prepositions). These are very useful for describing where something is. 

ri taobh

beside, to the side of

mu choinneamh

opposite, facing

air beulaibh

in front of

os cionn


air cùlaibh

behind, at the back of

an dèidh


As we have seen, if these compound prepositions are used with a noun, the noun is usually in the possessive (genitive) case: 

ri taobh na h–aibhne (f)

beside the river

os cionn an taighe (m)

above the house

air beulaibh na sgoile (f)

in front of the school

air cùlaibh a’ chlas (m)

at the back of the class

mu choinneamh a’ bhaile (m)

opposite the town

às dèidh na Colaiste (f)

after the College