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Saillte no milis? 

Salty or sweet?

We will talk about the food we prefer and the things that we cook often in this part of the lesson. This is an opportunity to talk. This section allows us to practice various phrases we have learned in order to talk about our preferences. 

Dè seòrsa bìdh as fheàrr leat?

What sort of food do you prefer?

‘S fheàrr leam biadh a bhios blasta, math dhomh and math dhan àrainneachd.

I prefer food which is tasty and good for me and good for the environment.

Dè as fheàrr leat, còcaireachd no fuine?

Which do you prefer, cooking or baking?

Is fheàrr leam còcaireachd.

I prefer cooking.

An e glasraichear no bhìogan a th’ annad?

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?

‘S e glasraichear a th’ annam.

I am a vegetarian.

An fheàrr leat biadh saillte no biadh milis?

Do you prefer salty food or sweet food?

Is fheàrr leam biadh milis. Tha biadh milis nas fheàrr na biadh saillte.

I prefer sweet food. Sweet food is better than salty food.

Dè bhios tu a’ còcaireachd an t–seachdain seo? A bheil plana agad?

What are you cooking this week? Do you have a plan?

Bidh mi a’ còcaireachd biadh Eadailteach an t–seachdain seo. Cha bhi mi a’ dèanamh planaichean uair sam bith!

I’ll be cooking Italian food this week. I never ever make plans!

An do dh’ith thu biadh math Albannach a–riamh? Dè bh’ ann?

Have you ever eaten any good Scottish food? What was it?

Dh’ith. ‘S e crannachan a bh’ ann.

I have (eaten). It was cranachan.