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There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about Am biadh as fheàrr le daoine (People’s favourite food). Let’s look at some of them again in context. 

An do chòrd am blasad dhen chèic sin riut?

Did you enjoy that taste of the cake?

Bha i milis, ach cha robh i ro mhilis.

It was sweet, but it wasn’t too sweet.

Bha blas searbh na liomaide ann…

There was a bitter taste from the lemon …

… gun a bhith ro làidir.

… without being too strong.

… air sgàth nan uighean agus na min–fhlùir …

… because of the eggs and the cornflour

bha a’ chèic aotrom

… the cake was light

Bu toil leam a’ chèic seo ithe …

I would like to eat this cake …

Tha fios againn gu bheil thu dèidheil air cèic.

We know that you are fond of cake.

Ach dè am biadh as fheàrr leat?

But what’s your favourite food?

‘S toil leam rudan milis …

I like sweet things …

… ach ‘s fheàrr leam biadh spìosrach.

… but I prefer spicy food.

‘S fheàrr leamsa rudan tha saillte, no blasan geura mar uinneanan amha le càise làidir!

I prefer things which are salty, or sharp tastes like raw onions with strong cheese!

Abair blasan làidir!

What strong flavours!

Nach toil leat biadh sam bith a tha plèin?

Don’t you like anything that’s plain?

We’ll catch up with some more of these as well as adding some new words and phrases to our vocabulary as we progress through this lesson.