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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Thoir sùil air — Dèanta!

Take a look at - Dèanta!

You should now be confident about:

  • Thoir sùil air | Take a look at

You should also be confident about:

  • Gnìomhairean riaghailteach is neo–riaghailteach: tràth caithte, tràth teachdail, tràth cumhach | Regular and Irregular verbs: past tense; future tense; conditional tense

Anabarrach math!

You have learnt to talk about Thoir sùil air (Take a look at ) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini–test to see how well you’re doing?

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Why not move on to talk about Coltas dhaoine (Idioms and parts of the body)?