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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Saoil an toireadh iad sùil air …

Do you think they would take a look at …

Look at the sentences below and play with the different answers until you’re happy with them. There are no wrong answers. Have fun!


Do you think
an tug iad sùil that they took a look an toir iad sùil they will take a look

air an dealbh–chluich a sgrìobh i?

at the play she wrote?
An toireamaid Would/Could/Shall we take An toirinn Would/Could/Shall I take An toireadh iad Would they take An toireadh i Would she take Nach toireamaid Wouldn’t/Couldn’t we take Nach toirinn Wouldn’t/Couldn’t I take

sùil air na prìsean sa chiad dol a–mach?

a look at the prices first?
Bheireamaid We would take/Let us take Bheirinn I would take/let me take Bheireadh iad They would take Bheireadh i She would take Cha toireamaid We wouldn’t take Cha toirinn I wouldn’t take

sùil air a’ chlàr–ama aig toiseach gnothaich.

a look at the timetable first of all.