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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Abairtean gnàthasach

Idiomatic phrases

There are many phrases in Gaelic which refer to parts of the body. These idiomatic phrases are very often a little different from those in English.

Ghabh e san t–sròin e!

He took offence at it! [lit. He took it on the nose]

Tha a sròn a’ cur dragh oirre!

She is being nosey! [lit. Her nose is bothering her]

Tha cas a’ falbh cas a’ fuireach aice.

She is unsure. [lit. She has one leg leaving and one leg staying]

Tha e ag obair air a cheann fhèin.

He is self–employed. [lit. He is working on his own head]

Tha i na seasamh air a leth–chois.

She is standing on one leg. [lit. She is standing on her half leg]

Thug e a chasan leis.

He went off. [lit. He took his legs with him]

Fhuair e làmh an uachdair air.

He got the upper hand on it.

Cùm cluas ri claisneachd.

Listen out / Keep an ear out. [lit. Keep an ear to hearing]

a’ cur às a chorp/a’ cur às a corp

talking a lot, ranting [lit. sending out of his/her body]