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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

A' toirt sùil air

Looking at

There were a few words and phrases in the conversation there which you can use when talking about the body. Thoir an aire (watch out for them) as we go through this lesson.

An toir sibh sùil air?

Will you take a look at?

A very commonly used idiomatic phrase which uses a part of the body, is Thoir sùil air (Take a look at [literally ‘Take an eye on’]. This phrase is often used rather than the verbs seall air (look at) or coimhead air (watch). We can use this phrase in the different tràthan (tenses) of the irregular verb thoir (bring, give) that we’ve learned. Let’s take a look again at thoir:

thoir! | a’ toirt

bring!, give! | bringing, giving


an tug?

did bring, give?

nach tug?

didn’t bring?


brought, gave

cha tug

didn’t bring, give

… gun tug

… that brought, gave

… nach tug

… that didn’t bring, give


an toir?

will/do bring, get?

nach toir?

won’t/don’t bring, get?


will/do bring, get

cha toir

won’t/don’t bring, get

… gun toir

… that brings, will bring, give

… nach toir

… that won’t bring, give

An tug sibh sùil air a’ flat fhathast?

Did you take a look at the flat yet?

Cha tug fhathast, ach bheir mise sùil a’ chiad char sa mhadainn.

Not yet, but I will take a look at it first thing in the morning.

An toir thu sùil air a’ chuibhle sa mhadainn cuideachd?

Will you take a look at the wheel in the morning as well?

Cha toir, cha bhi ùine agam, ach bheir mi sùil air a’ flat.

No, I won’t have time, but I’ll look at the flat.