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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Bilingual transcription: A’ Bhodhaig

Bilingual transcription: The body

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her useful tips and favourite phrases. 

This time it’s a look back at: the body.


Uill, fhuair ar sùilean, ar cluasan agus ar cinn eacarsaich gu leòr an-diugh, nach d’ fhuair? San dealachadh, nach toir sinn sùil air ais tro chuid dhen ionnsachadh.

To ask whether something is sore, your head for example:

A bheil / ceann goirt ort? A bheil ceann goirt ort?

If you want to say that a certain part of your body is sore, such as your knee, it’s:

Tha / mo ghlùin / goirt Tha mo ghlùin goirt!

We’ve learned some idioms featuring the body – he took it in the nose, he was offended:

Ghabh e / san t‑sròin e! Ghabh e san t‑sròin e!

You should also be familiar with the phrase Look at it:

Thoir sùil air, thoir sùil air; and I’ll take a look at it,  

Bheir mi sùil air, bheir mi sùil air.