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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Gruagach an fhuilt bhàin

The young fair–haired maiden

We can use the tuiseal ginideach (possessive (genitive) case) to talk about people’s appearance. The possessive (genitive) case is often used in songs and poetry, as it is a nice, nas bàrdaile (more poetic) phrasing:

🎵 Gruagach an fhuilt bhàin

Èist ri bàrdachd mo bhilean;

Thoir dhomh gealladh thar chàich

‘S air do sgàth nì mi tilleadh;

Ged ‘s iomadh tè san robh m’ ùidh

Anns gach dùthaich is cinneadh,

O, nach aontaich thu leams’,

‘S mi bhiodh sunndach gad shireadh. 🎵

Òran le Dhòmhnall Ailean Dhòmhnaill na Bainich

🎵 Young maiden of the blonde hair,

Listen to the poetry of my lips;

Give me a promise over others

And for your sake I will return;

Although I was interested in many women

In every country and race,

O, won’t you agree to me,

I would be happy seeking you. 🎵

Òran le Dhòmhnall Ailean Dhòmhnaill na Bainich