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A’ Bhodhaig

Complete for 2 points

Fear mòr àrd tapaidh Albannach

A big, tall, sturdy Scotsman

We saw the question Cò ris a tha … coltach? (What is … like) in A1 and A2.

Cò ris a tha an duine sin coltach?

What does that man look like?

‘S e fear mòr àrd tapaidh Albannach a th’ ann air an robh coltas gruamach, greannach.

He’s a big tall sturdy Scotsman with a sullen, crabbit expression.

We can also use Dè an coltas a th’ air? (What does he/it look like?).

tapaidh (adj)

strong, hefty

seang (adj)


gruamach (adj)


greannach (adj)


lag (adj)

weak, frail

When we describe something with more than one buadhair (adjective), we need to use these in the correct order. However, the riaghailt (rule) in Gaelic is not as strict or complex as the English rule for adjective order:

‘S emòrlaghachdubha th’ ann.
It isa nounsizequalitycolourthat’s in it.
Nach e tè bheag bhàn a th’ innte?size | colourIsn’t she a small fair–haired woman?
‘S e càr beag luath dearg a th’ annsize | quality | colourIt’s a small quick red car.
An e taigh mòr spaideil geal a th’ ann?size | quality | colourIs it a big fancy white house?
Chan e duine àrd laghach bàn a th’ ann idir!size | quality | colourHe isn’t a nice tall fair–haired man at all.
‘S e duine beag gòrach a th’ ann an Iain!size | qualityIain is a silly little man!

Notice that feminine nouns lenite their adjectives where possible.