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Structair: Dè as toil leat?

Structure: what do you like?

Learn to say what hobbies you like in Gaelic with Joy.

Dè as toil leat?

What do you like?

Let’s meet the structure.

We know from previous lessons this opens more structures for our questions and answers. We can now ask if people like specific sports, hobbies and interests. 

You might want to talk about what people like and what they dislike! As with many things in Gaelic, it’s a case of getting to grips with the correct prepositional pronoun. Check out the ones made from le (with). 

leam with me leamsa with me  
leat with you leatsa with you 
leis with him / it leis-san with him / it 
leatha with her / it leathasewith her / it 
leinn with us leinne with us 
leibh with you  leibhse with you  
leotha with them leothasan with them 

This gives us a whole range of questions we can use to discuss people’s likes and dislikes. 

Nach toil leat ceòl?

Don’t you like music?

Is toil leis ceòl

He likes music

Cha toil leatha ceòl

She dislikes music

Is toil leinn iomain

We like shinty

Cha toil leibh iomain

You dislike shinty

Is toil leotha ceòl

They like music