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Structair: Bidh mi a’ seinn

Structure: I will sing / I regularly sing

Use the following phrases to say you do something habitually. 

Bidh mi …

I …

Bidh mi a’ seinn

I sing

Bidh mi a’ còcaireachd

I cook

Bidh mi ag ithe

I eat


We have met to be in the past bha, in the present, tha and now we meet it in the future – bidh. However, this is a two-for-one lesson and it is also used to describe things you do regularly and repeatedly. This tense is known in English as the habitual present , but Gaelic uses the future form. Confusing? Not really – it’s usually clear from the context whether someone’s meaning ‘I’ll be doing this’ or ‘I regularly do this’.”

Tha mi a’ ruith

I am running

Bha mi a’ ruith

I was running

Bidh mi a’ ruith a-màireach

I will be running tomorrow

Bidh mi a’ ruith gach latha

I run each day

You can talk about others. 

Bidh Màiri a’ snàmh

Mary regularly swims / Mary will be swimming

Bidh Calum ag ithe

Malcolm regularly eats / Malcom will be eating

Bidh Mairead a’ seinn a h-uile latha

Margaret will be singing every day / Margaret sings every day.

Bidh e a’ ruith gach latha

He runs each day

Here is the structure to ask and answer if someone does a particular action regularly. 

You can give a full response.

Am bi Màiri a’ snàmh gach seachdain?

Does Mary swim every week?

Am bi Calum ag ithe gach uair?

Does Malcolm eat every hour?

Am bi Mairead a’ seinn a h-uile latha?

Does Margaret sing each day?

Am bi e a’ ruith gach latha?

Does he run every day?

If you are not in a talkative mood, you could use the short answers!