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Na h-ùidhean aig Anna

Anne’s interests

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation! 

Dè as toil leat? What do you like?
Is toil leam spòrs, fuine agus leughadh. I like sport, baking and reading.
Cha toil leam spòrs! I don’t like sport!
Dè as toil leibh fhèin? What do you like yourself?
Is toil leam gàirnealachd is còcaireachd. I like gardening and baking.
An toil leibh fuine? Do you like baking?
Cha toil. Cha toil leam fuine idir! I do not. I don’t like baking at all!
Dè eile as toil leibh? What else do you like?
Is toil leam leughadh is sgrìobhadh. I like reading and writing.
An toil leibh sgrìobhadh? Do you like writing?
Is fìor thoil leam sgrìobhadh. I really like writing.
A bheil sibh math air sgrìobhadh? Are you good at writing?
Tha. A bheil thu math air sgrìobhadh? I am. Are you good at writing?
Chan eil fios agam. I don’t know.