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A’ cleachdadh iomsgaradh

Using emphasis

What people like and dislike creates passion and people really like to emphasise this. Now, you could shout your head off, but Gaelic speakers are classier than that and use the emphatic case. You can use this to emphasise something or contradict what someone else has said.  

leam with me leamsa with me  
leat with you leatsa with you 
leis with him / it leis-san with him / it 
leatha with her / it leatha-sa with her / it 
leinn with us leinne with us 
leibh with you  leibhse with you  
leotha with them leothasan with them 

Cha toil leatsa ceòl

You dislike music

Is toil leis-san ceòl

He likes music

Is toil leinne iomain

We like shinty

 You can also emphasise something by using could to say that you really like something by using the adjective fìor in the same way you use glè. You must lenite toil to thoil! 

le (with). 

Is fìor thoil leam ceòl

I really like music