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Ainmearan gnìomhaireach

Verbal nouns

 What is a verbal noun?  

It can be used as either a verb OR a noun. The verbal noun is a Gaelic part of speech that is used in many similar ways as participles in other languages. A good example of this is English are the verbs ending in – ing, (looking, working, eating) 

Does every Gaelic verb have a verbal noun? 

Yes, apart from tha

How do I form the verbal noun? 

So far we’ve seen the following endings added to verbs to form verbal nouns. Other verbs may add different endings, which we’ll learn later.

 Verb Verbal noun 
Verb + adh Leugh, sgrìobh Leughadh, sgrìobhadh 
Verb Obair, dannsa, ruith Obair, dannsa, ruith 

When do I use the verbal noun? 

Option A Combine with tha / bha and other forms of bi to say when you are doing something. You need to add ag before verbal nouns beginning with a vowel or a’ before verbal nouns beginning with a consonant. 

Tha mi ag obair

I am working

Tha mi a’ leughadh

I am reading

Tha mi a’ dannsa

I am dancing

Option B Use after is toil / cha toil to say you like something. 

Option C We will get there!