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Làithean-saora Anna

Anne’s holidays

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation! 

Chaidh mise dhan Fhraing an-uiridh. I went to France last year.
Càit an deach sibh air na làithean-saora an-uiridh? Where did you go on your holidays last year?
Chaidh mi dhan Fhraing trì tursan agus a dh’Inbhir Nis. I went to France three times and to inverness.
Càit an deach sibh anns an Fhraing? Where did you go to in France?
Chaidh mi a Pharis, a Nice agus a Chôte d’Azur. I went to Paris, to Nice and to the Côte d’Azur.
Cuin a chaidh sibh ann? When did you go there?
Chaidh mi a Nice anns a’ Ghiblean, a Chôte d’Azur anns an Iuchar agus Paris anns an Dàmhair. I went to Nice in April, to the Côte d’Azur in July and Paris in October.
Ciamar a chaidh sibh ann? How did you go there?
Chaidh mi a Nice air itealan, chaidh mi gu Pàras anns a’ char agus air an trèan, agus chaidh mi a Côte d’Azur air a’ bhàta. I went to Nice on a plane, I went to Paris in the car and on the train, and I went to the Côte d’Azur on the boat.
Carson a chaidh sibh ann? Why did you go there?
Dhan Fraing? Is toil leam an Fhraing. Is toil leam am biadh, is toil leam an cultar, is toil leam ealain agus is toil leam a’ ghrian! To France? I like France. I like the food, I like the culture, I like art and I like the sun!
Càit an robh sibh a’ fuireach? Where did you stay?
Bha mi a’ fuireach ann an taighean-òsta. I stayed in hotels.
Dè rinn sibh? What did you do?
Rinn mi tòrr. Chaidh mi dhan taigh-tasgaidh an Louvre ann am Pàras agus taighean-tasgaidh eile is chunnaic mi tòrr rudan inntinneach. Chaidh mi dhan taigh-tasgaidh Matisse ann an Nice agus bha mi a’ gabhail fois ann an Côte d’Azur. I did a lot. I went to the Louvre museum in Paris and other museums and I saw lots of interesting things. I went to the Matisse Museum in Nice and I was resting in Côte d’Azur.
Dè chunnaic sibh? What did you see?
Chunnaic mi seallaidhean àlainn agus dealbhan brèagha. I saw lovely views and beautiful pictures.
Dè dh’ith sibh? What did you eat?
Dh’ith mi biadh Frangach: càise, aran, feòil is maorach. I ate French food: cheese, bread, meat and shellfish.
Dè dh’òl sibh? What did you drink?
Dh’òl mi cus! Dh’òl mi fìon! Is fior thoil leam fìon dearg! Dh’òl mi cofaidh is uisge cuideachd. I drank too much! I drank wine! I really like red wine! I drank coffee and water too.