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Gnìomhairean neo-riaghailteach

Irregular verbs

The simple rule of ‘Lenite the command form where possible’ doesn’t work for all verbs. Just like in English, some of the most commonly used verbs in Gaelic have their own special forms (think ‘I went, I saw’ for ‘I goed, I see’d’). And there’s no way round it – you just have to learn them. But the good news is: unlike English, there’s only a very small number of irregular verbs in Gaelic, and because they’re some of the most commonly used verbs, you’ll pick them up in no time.  

Òrdugh command An tràth caithte The past tense 
dèan do rinn made 
faic see chunnaic saw 
rach go chaidh went 
thig come thàinig came