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An dàrna turas: Na h-ùidhean aig Anna

Take two: Anne’s interests

Look at the conversation again 

Dè as toil leat? What do you like?
Is toil leam spòrs, fuine agus leughadh I like sport, baking and reading.
Cha toil leam spòrs! I don’t like sport.
Dè as toil leibh fhèin? What do you like yourself?
Is toil leam gàirnealachd is còcaireachd. I like gardening and cooking.
An toil leibh fuine? Do you like baking?
Cha toil. Cha toil leam fuine idir! I do not. I don’t like baking at all.
Dè eile as toil leibh? What else do you like?
Is toil leam leughadh is sgrìobhadh. I like reading and writing.
An toil leibh sgrìobhadh? Do you like writing?
Is fìor thoil leam sgrìobhadh. I really like writing.
A bheil sibh math air sgrìobhadh? Are you good at writing?
Tha. A bheil thu math air sgrìobhadh? I am. Are you good at writing?
Chan eil fios agam. I don’t know.