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Complete for 2 points

Nan dèanadh iad sin … 

If they did that …

Look at the sentences below and play with the different answers until you’re happy with them. There are no wrong answers. Have fun! 

Nan dèanadh iad sin If they did that Mura dèanadh iad sin If they didn’t do that Nam biodh iad air sin a dhèanamh If they had done that

cha bhiodh dachaigh againn.

we wouldn’t have a home.
An ceann còig bliadhna 

In five years’ time

An ceann còig bliadhna bu mhiann leam a bhith

I five years’ time I wish to be/have
os cionn na companaidh. in charge of the company. os cionn na buidhne. in charge of the organisation. air carthannas a stèidheachadh. established a charity. nam chomhairliche. a councillor. a’ leigeil dhìom mo dhreuchd. retiring. nam mhilleanair! millionaire.