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Complete for 2 points

Nam bithinn … 

If I were …/Were I …

We saw in A2 Cuspair 6 the conditional tense with bi, to say Bhithinn (I would be) and Bhiodh tu (You would be). We have also now looked at other verbs in the conditional tense. Here we introduce the conditional with ‘if’: ‘If I would be’, ‘If you would be’. 

We already know how to say ma (if) and mura (if not) in Gaelic. But if we want to use ‘if’ with a verb in the conditional tense, we need to use a different word: Nan, or Nam with verbs starting b,f,m,p

Nan dèanadh tu sin, bhithinn nad chomain!

If you’d do that, I’d be in your debt!

Nam bithinn ann, dhèanainn sin.

If I were there, I’d do that.

Nan canadh tu sin ris, cha bhiodh e toilichte.

If you were to say that to him, he wouldn’t be happy.

Ma bha …  Ma tha …  Ma bhios …  Nam biodh … 
Mura robh …  Mura bheil | h–eil …  Mura bi …  Mura biodh … 
Ma rinn …   Ma …  Nan dèanadh … 
Mura do rinn …   Mura dèan …  Mura dèanadh 
Ma thuirt …   Ma chanas …  Nan canadh 
Mura tuirt …   Mura can …  Mura canadh 
 Mas toil …   Nam bu toil … 
 Mura toil …   Mura bu toil … 

Nam biodh obair–samhraidh agad aig CalMac, am biodh tu toilichte?

If you had a summer job at CalMac would you be pleased?

Nan rachadh tu dhan cholaiste ann an Glaschu càite am fuiricheadh tu?

If you went to college in Glasgow where would you stay?

Nan tigeadh do theaghlach airson suipear, dè dhèanadh tu dhaibh?

If your family came for supper, what would you make for them?

Nan toireadh an riaghaltas millean not dhut, dè cheannaicheadh tu?

If the government gave you a million pounds, what would you buy

Nan canadh mèirleach riut, ‘thoir dhomh do chuid airgid,’ dè chanadh tusa?

If a thief said to you, ‘give me your money’, what would you say?