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Bilingual transcription: Àite-obrach

Bilingual transcription: Workplace

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her useful tips and favourite phrases. 


Every workplace has its very own cainnt na h–obrach, the language of work and you’ll be familiar with our first word because I’ve just used a form of it. obair, work, obair. 

But in Gàidhlig it appears in so many combinations that it deserves a special mention. 

If you’re working, ag obair, you will likely be doing that in an 

àite–obrach, a workplace, àite–obrach, 

where you’ll work alongside colleagues, or 

luchd–obrach, staff, workers, or workforce, luchd–obrach. 

You may even have responsibility for them

uallach / airson luchd–obrach, responsibility for staff, uallach airson luchd–obrach. 

But regardless of your position, you’ll probably be working for a: 

gnothachas, a business, gnothachas 

Or, and here’s an easy one: 

companaidh, company, companaidh 

which is perhaps part of a larger 

gnìomhachas, industry, gnìomhachas. 

Now you may have noticed that gnìomhachas and gnothachas look and perhaps sound similar, but they do have very different meanings. So that’s one worth noting. 

Perhaps in your company, there’s a 

bòrd–stiùiridh, a board of directors, bòrd–stiùiridh 

who head up or run the company, os cionn / na companaidh, literally above the company, os cionn na companaidh 

And if there is, let’s hope they provide you with a decent 

tuarastal, salary or earnings, tuarastal!