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Air a son

For her

We learned the compound preposition ri taobh in Cuspair 5, and here we see the compound preposition airson (for, for the sake of). As we saw with rim thaobh etc, we add the possessive adjectives: mo, do, a, a (h–), ar, ur an/am , etc. between the two parts of the compound preposition: 

airson + mo air mo shon 
airson + do air do shon 
airson + a air a shon 
airson + a air a son 
airson + ar air ar son 
airson + ur air ur son 
airson + an air an son 

As we saw with most other compound prepositions, when a noun follows airson directly it should be in the genitive case: 

Tha mi a’ dol a chur a-steach airson na h-obrach sin.

I am going to apply/put in for that job.

Dè mu dheidhinn na h–obrach? An cuir thu a–steach air a son?

What about the job? Will you apply for it?

Rinn Dòmhnall sin air mo shon.

Donald made that for me.