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Cainnt na h–oifise 

Office chat

We talk about different things when we are working. There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about Cainnt na h–obrach or cainnt na h–oifise (Office–speak and Work Jargon) and they’re useful in jobs where you use your Gaelic. 

Let’s look at some of them again in context.  

Nach eil an clò–bhualadair sin ag obrachadh?

Isn’t the printer working?

Tha tuilleadh ’s a’ choir ri dhèanamh.

There’s too much to do.

Tha fhios aice mar tha an teicneòlas air fad ag obair san oifis seo

She knows how all the technology works in this office

Tha uallach oirre air a shon

She has responsibility for it

Dh’fhòn mi thuice

I phoned her

Chuir mi teacsa thuice

I sent her a text

Chuir mi post–d thuice

I sent her an e–mail

Cha do fhreagair i am fòn aice

She didn’t answer her phone

Cha do fhreagair i an teacsa agam

She didn’t answer my text

Fhuair mi teachdaireachd ‘air falbh bhon oifis’ bhuaipe air a’ phost–d.

I got an out–of–office from her on email

… gu bheil trèanadh aice ri choileanadh

… that she has training to complete [fulfil]

Tha companaidh ann aig a bheil uallach air a shon …

There’s a company with responsibility for that …