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Complete for 2 points

Cainnt na h–obrach — Dèanta! 

Work jargon - Dèanta!

You should now be confident about:  

  • cainnt na hoifise is na companaidh | office chat and company language

You should also be confident about:  

  • roimhear fillte agus sealbhach: AIR A SON | compound preposition and possessive: AIR A SON
  • Fulangach le RI | passive with RI


You have learnt to talk about Cainnt na hobrach (Officespeak and Work Jargon) in Gaelic! Why not take this minitest to see how well you’re doing? 

Let’s do it

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Why not move on to talk about Iarrtasan is agallamhan (Applications and interviews)?