Complete for 2 points

Na thuirt i is na thuirt e

She said, he said

There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about Na thuirt daoine eile (What other people said).

We’ll catch up with them as we progress through this lesson.

We saw the phrase na thuirt e (what he said) in A2, Cuspair 11. This is like a shortened form of an rud a thuirt e (the thing that he said):

Thug an rud a thuirt e gàire orm.

The thing that he said made me laugh.

Thug na thuirt e gàire orm

What he said made me laugh.

Tha sin a’ cur nàire orm.

That is embarrassing me.

Bidh sin a’ cur fearg orm.

That angers me [lit. Will be angering me].

Chuir e iongnadh orm gun tuirt thu sin.

It surprised me that you said that.

Bha sin a’ toirt toileachas dhuinn.

That gave us happiness.

Rinn mi gàire nuair a chuala mi sin.

I laughed when I heard that.