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Faireachdainnean 2

Feelings 2

The words we have in Gaelic for fiamhan (facial expressions) also use the preposition air as well.

drèin (f)

frown, grimace, scowl

plìon (m)

smirk, leer

stùirc (f)

scowl, sullen expression

Tha drèin air.

He has a frown [lit. a frown is on him]

Carson a tha drèin ort?

Why do you have a frown?

Tha stùirc oirre.

She is scowling, in a huff [lit. a scowl is on her].

Tha plìon air.

He is smirking [lit. a smirk, leer is on him].

Dè do bheachd air an duine?

What do you think of the man?

We learned the question Dè do bheachd? in SpeakGaelic A1 and we can see that this question is also used with the preposition air. We can use this question to ask people’s opinion of someone or something. Both the possessive adjectives, mo, do, a, a, ar, ur, an/am and prepositional pronouns with aig can be used:

A Sheumais, dè do bheachd air Iain?

James, what do you think of John?

Tha esan uabhasach dlùth ri mo phiuthar-sa is tha mi amharasach.

He’s very close to my sister, and I’m suspicious.

Tha mise beagan teagmhach.

I’m a bit doubtful.

Chan eil mi cinnteach às agus ghlac e sùil mo pheathar-sa.

I am not sure of him, and he caught my sister’s attention.

Dè do bheachd air Seonag?

What do you think of Joan?

A bheil beachd aice air-san?

Does she have an opinion of him?

Dè do bharail air Iain?

What’s your opinion of John?