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Air a nàrachadh

S/he is embarrassed

Another structure used to talk about feelings uses air with the possessive adjectives mo, do, a, a, ar, ur, an. As is usual, mo, do and a (his), cause lenition.

air mo shàrachadh
air do shàrachadh
air a shàrachadh
air a sàrachadh
air ar sàrachadh
air ur sàrachadh
air an sàrachadh

When talking about feelings, the structure with BI + air + possessive verbal noun can be used in two different ways: as a passive to express how someone is/was feeling (shown above). But we can also use it in an active sense to say how something ‘has made’ somebody else feel (perfect tense).

Tha mi air mo shàrachadh leis an obair seo.

I am worn out by this work.

Bha mi air a nàireachadh leis na thuirt mi.

I had embarrassed him with what I said.