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There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about Dathan Dealbhach (Vivid Colours).

Let’s look at some of them again in context.

Tha dubh-ghràin agam air an actar siud

I just can’t abide [lit. hate] that actor

Chan e dearg-amadan a th’ ann …

he’s not an utter fool …

Bhuail an doras annad

the door hit you

Bha sùil dhubh agam

I had a black eye

We’ll catch up with some more of these as we progress through this lesson.

Nach buidhe dhuinn!

Aren’t we lucky!

The colours are very important to the Gaels. We learned quite a few colours in A1. They appear in many common idiomatic phrases in Gaelic and many are quite different from English equivalents.