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Barrachd dathan

More colours


The colour dubh is used for emphasis. Some adjectives are commonly used before a noun, and as in this example with dubh, the adjective always lenites the noun where possible.

Bha dubh-ghràin agam air a’ gheama.

I hated the game.

Tha dubh-ghràin agam air an òran sin!

I hate that song!

Tha mi dubh an aghaidh an leabhair sin.

I am strongly against that book.


The colour dearg can also be used for emphasis, similar to dubh.

‘S e dearg-bhreugan a dh’innis e dhomh.

It was downright lies he told me.

Chuir e an dearg-chuthach orm.

He infuriated me.

Tha sinn dearg le fearg!

We are red with anger!

Chuir am prògram dearg-eagal orm.

The programme really scared me!


The colour buidhe (yellow) can be used with the preposition do to talk about ‘luck, fortune’ and with the preposition leto talk about ‘gladness, gratefulness’. Buidhe is also used in nature, frequently in plant and animal names.

Nach buidhe dhut!

Aren’t you lucky!

Bu bhuidhe leis a dhèanamh.

He was glad to do it.

Latha buidhe air choreigin

One fine day


golden eagle

Là Buidhe Bealltainn

May Day

am mìos buidhe/a’ mhìos bhuidhe



‘S buidhe le amadain imrich

Fools are fond of flitting


The colour gorm (blue, blue-green) can be used to talk about nature.

Bha sin cho gorm ris an fheur.

That was as green as the grass.

gorm an fheòir

the green of the grass


‘S gorm na cnuic a tha fada bhuainn.

The grass is greener on the other side. [lit. Green are the hills far from us.]