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There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about Fealla-dhà is fìrinn (Fun and fact).

Let’s look at some of them again in context.

Bha mi a’ lachanaich fad uair gu leth!

I was laughing out loud for a solid hour-and-a-half!

Bha fealla-dhà is rudan èibhinn ann a fhreagradh air sean is òg!

There were jokes and funny things suitable for young and old [lit. old and young]!

…gun robh sinn a’ dèanamh cus fuaim?

…that we were making too much noise?

Chòrd am fiolm ris a’ chloinn agus ‘s e sin an rud a bu chudromaiche.

the children enjoyed the film and that was the most important thing.

We’ll catch up with some more of these as we progress through this lesson.