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Complete for 2 points

An do chòrd sin ris?

Did he enjoy that?

John and Anne used another new structure: còrd + ri

Còrd means to agree, to accord, and we use it with the preposition ri to ask if someone enjoys something (if it ‘agreed with them’).

Questions and answers for còrd + ri

We can use the prepositional pronouns for new sentences.

A bheil An Eadailt a’ còrdadh riut?

Are you enjoying Italy?

Nach eil An Fhraing a’ còrdadh rithe?

Isn’t she enjoying France?

Tha Sasainn a’ còrdadh riutha

They’re enjoying England

Chan eil Glaschu a’ còrdadh ribhse!

You aren’t enjoying Glasgow

John and Anne used the past tense chòrd

We can use the prepositional pronouns for new sentences.

An do chòrd An Eadailt riut?

Did you enjoy Italy?

Nach do chòrd An Fhraing rithe?

Didn’t she enjoy France?

Chòrd Sasainn riutha

They did enjoy England

Cha do chòrd Glaschu ribhse!

You didn’t enjoy Glasgow

You need to reverse the English idiom – not ‘I enjoyed Russia’ but ‘Russia was enjoyed by me’ (lit. ‘agreed with me’).

Nach do chòrd An Ruis

Wasn’t Russia enjoyed
rium by me riut by you ris by him rithe by her rinn by us ribh by you riutha by them