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Thall thairis & a-null thairis

Thall thairis & a-null thairis

There are different adverbs of place in Gaelic to talk about ‘going’ and ‘being’ somewhere. If we are ‘going abroad’ we say a’ dol a-null thairis, but if we are talking about ‘being abroad’ we say thall thairis.

thall thairis

abroad (being abroad)

a-null thairis

abroad (going abroad)

We’ve seen a number of different adverbs of place, and how these change forms depending on whether we are talking about ‘being’ somewhere or moving to a place.

Bha mi a-muigh

I was outside

Bha mi a-staigh

I was inside

Bha mi thall thairis

I was abroad

Bha mi a’ dol a-mach

I was going outside

Bha mi a’ dol a-steach

I was going inside

Bha mi a’ dol a-null thairis

I was going abroad