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Around the World

Complete for 2 points

Coimeasan eile

More comparisons

We have already met many comparatives. Let’s learn some more.

’S e An Fhraing an dùthaich as fheàrr!

France is the best country!

Tha Alba nas fhèarr na An Fhraing.

Scotland is better than France.

Tha An Fhraing nas motha na Alba. Mar as motha ’s ann as fheàrr.

France is bigger than Scotland. The bigger the better.

Cò am baile as inntinniche: Paris no Dùn Èideann?

Which is the more interesting town: Paris or Edinburgh?

Seo an t-inneal as fheumaile.

Here’s the most most useful tool

An e d’ athair an duine as sine?

Is your father the oldest man?

Chan e thusa an duine as àirde.

You are not the tallest man.

Seo an turtar as òige.

Here’s the the youngest turtle.