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A’ dèanamh coimeas eadar nithean

Comparing items

We have already met some comparatives. Here’s a list of other adjectives and their comparative forms.

buadhairadjectiveRiochd coimeasachcomparative forms
inntinneachinterestinginntinnichemore interesting
feumailusefulfheumailemore useful

How do I form comparatives?

Comparative forms of adjectives are usually formed by slenderising the end of the adjective and adding an e, but there are irregular adjectives.

How do I use comparatives?

Use comparatives in the same way you use adjectives.  They are comparative adjectives.

A bheil thu nas sine?

Are you older?

Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil e nas inntinniche

I hope he is more interesting

Tha càr nas fheumaile

A car is more useful

How do I compare two items?

Use the word na to make comparisons between two things.

Tha Mòrag nas òige na Catrìona

Marion is younger than Catriona

A bheil an Shard nas àirde na Big Ben?

Is the Shard bigger than Big Ben

Chan eil cait nas fheumaile na coin

Cats are not more useful than dogs

How do I use superlatives the best, the worst etc?

If you want to say something is the best, then you need to use Is e, or ’s e – the assertive verb as you are asserting something.

Seo na cait as òige

These are the youngest cats

Seo na luchain as lugha

Here are the are the smallest mice

’S e siud na coin as inntinniche

Those are the most interesting dogs