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The Workplace

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Tha e air a dhèanamh

It's done!

There are two ways in Gaelic to describe a completed action. In A1 Cuspair 6 we learned the adjectives dùinte (closed), fosgailte (open(ed)) and dèanta (done). These kind of adjectives are only used with some verbs. The other way, which can be used with any number of verbs, is to use the  verbal noun with the ubiquitous preposition air (on), here used more in the sense of ‘after’. We use bha (was), tha (is) or bidh (will be) with air and the possessive pronouns to form a sentence. 

adjective with air / Buadhair seilbheach le air 
 Lenites Sèimheachadh /? 
air mo on my Yes / Tha  
air do on your Yes / Tha 
 air a on his Yes / Tha 
air a 
(before vowel) air a h-  
on her No / Chan eil 
air ar 
(before vowel) ar n-  
on our No / Chan eil 
air ur 
(before vowel) air ur n-  
on your (plural) No / Chan eil 
air an 
(before b, f, m, p) air am  
on their No / Chan eil 

air mo

on my

air do

on your

air a

on his

air a / air a h‑

on her

air ar / air ar n-

on our

air ur / air ur n-

on your (plural)

air an / air am

on their

Tha an obair air a dèanamh. the work is done  
(literally the work is on its/her doing) 
Is the work on its/her doing. 
Tha  am  biadh  air   dhèanamh. The food is made/done  
(literally the food is on its/his making) 
Is the food on its/his doing/making. 

The possessive adjectives refer back to the gender of the noun or pronoun. In the first example obair is feminine and so dèanamh is not lenited after a (her). In the second example biadh is masculine so dèanamh is lenited after a (his): dhèanamh

Tha an doras dùinte

The door is closed

Tha e air a dhùnadh

It is closed

Tha an uinneag fosgailte

The window is open

Tha i air a fosgladh

It is open

Tha an t-aran dèanta

The bread is made

Tha e air a dhèanamh

It is made

Tha na bùithtean dùinte

The shops are closed

Tha iad air an dùnadh

They are closed

Play with the sentences below. There are no wrong answers! 

Tha an oifis air a glanadh 

Tha an oifis

The office is
air a glanadh clean(ed) air a fosgladh open air a dùnadh closed air a glasadh locked

Bidh an doras air a pheantadh a-màireach 

Bidh an doras

The office will be
air a pheantadh painted air fhosgladh open(ed) air a dhùnadh closed air a ghlasadh locked