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The Workplace

Complete for 2 points

Dè tha math mu dheidhinn ag obair bhon taigh?

What is good about work at home?

Some work and professions can be carried out from home. We saw some of these in the previous section. Let’s add to the list  

sgrìobhaiche (m) 


neach-cùraim chloinne (m) 


pàrant (m) 


rianaiche (m) 


neach-reic (m) 

a salesperson 

sgoilear (m) 


oileanach (m) 


dealbhadair (m) 


breabadair (m) 


ailtire (m) 


ailtireachd (f) 


cùram-chloinne (m) 


You can find more jobs and phrases in the LearnGaelic dictionary – later on!

There are advantages and disadvantages to working at and from home. Here are the top five on our pro-con list.  

Ag obair bhon dachaigh: rudan a tha math: Deimhinneach 

Cha bhi dragh orm ma bhios droch shìde ann. 

ill not (need to) worry about bad weather. 

Bidh mi trang ach nì mi tuilleadh obrach. 

I’m busy but I can do more. 

Chan eil mi a’ cosg ùine air siubhal. 

I don’t spend time on travel. 

Chan eil mi a’ cosg airgead air siubhal. 

I don’t spend money on travel.  

Bidh mi a’ cur orm na slioparan agam! 

I can (will) put on my slippers! 

Ag obair bhon dachaigh: rudan nach eil cho math: Àicheil 

Tha mi a’ cosg airgead air dealan. 

I’m spending money on electricity. 

Tha mi nam aonar agus tha mi aonranach. 

I’m on my own and I’m lonely. 

Chan eil sgaradh eadar dachaigh is obair. 

There is no separation from home and work. 

Tha daoine eile anns an taigh agus chan fhaigh mi fois! 

There are other people in the house and I can’t get peace!

Chan eil fhios agam dè tha a’ tachairt san àite-obrach!

I don’t know what’s happening in the workplace!

Play with the sentences until you are happy with obair san taigh

Tha mi nam

I am a
phàrant parent neach-cùraim carer/caregiver dhealbhadair artist chochomhairliche consultant dheasaiche editor

agus bidh mi ag obair bhon dachaigh

and I work from home