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The Workplace

Complete for 2 points

A bheil duine a-muigh an sin?

Is there anybody out there?

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will be able to have this conversation! It’s full of useful phrases that you can adapt to suit a whole range of situations. 

Halò? A bheil duine a-muigh an sin? Halò? Hallo? Is there anybody (anyone) out there? Hallo?
Haidh, Fhionnlaigh. Tha sinn gad chluinntinn a-nis ach chan eil sinn gad fhaicinn. An cuir thu air an camara agad? Hi, Finlay. We can hear you now, but we can’t see you. Would you (will you) put on your camera?
Cuiridh. I will (put).
Tha sin nas fheàrr! A Mhàiri? That’s better! Màiri?
A Mhàiri? Tha thu fhathast air ‘mute’. Tha sinn gad fhaicinn ach chan eil sinn gad chluinntinn! Nach cuir thu air am maicreafòn agad? Màiri? You’re still on mute. We can see you but we can’t hear you! Won’t you put on your microphone?
Halò, a bheil sibh gam chluinntinn a-nis? Hallo, can you hear me now? (Are you hearing me now?)
Tha! Tha sinn gad chluinntinn. We can (are). We can hear you. (We are hearing you now.)
Nise, càit an robh sinn? An clàr-gnothaich againn … Now, where were we? Our agenda …