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The Workplace

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A' siubhal a dh'obair

Travelling to work

We have asked the question Càit a bheil thu ag obair? (Where do you work?), but how to get there? We can use two of the ten irregular verbs we have in Gaelic: faigh (get) and rach (go). 

Ciamar a gheibh thu dhan oifis?

How will you get to the office?

Gheibh mi ann air an trèan

I will get there on the train.

Ciamar a bhios tu a’ faighinn dhan oifis?

How will you be getting to the office?

Bidh mi a’ faighinn ann air an trèan.

I will be getting there on the train.

Ciamar a thèid e dhan stèisean?

How will he get (go) to the station?

Gheibh e lioft.

He’ll get a lift.

Ciamar a bhios i a’ faighinn dhachaigh?

How will she be getting home?

Bidh i a’ faighinn tagsaidh.

She’ll get a taxi.

Remember that these future tense questions and answers can also be used in a ‘habitual present’ sense to talk about what we do, not just what we will do:   

Ciamar a gheibh thu dhan ospadal?

How do you get to the hospital? / How will you get to the hospital?

Bidh mi a’ coiseachd.

I walk. / I will walk.

What are the other ways of getting to work? 

trèan (f)


bus (m)


càr (m)


rothair (m)


baidhsagal (m)




a’ ruith (vn)


a’ coiseachd (vn)


We can use another two irregular verbs: ruig (reach) and beir (bear/take/hold) in describing our travel to work. With beir we must use air (on) when talking about catching a bus or train.  

An do ràinig? Ràinig Cha do ràinig 
Did reach? Reached Didn’t reach 
An ruig? Ruigidh Cha ruig 
Will reach? Will reach Won’t reach 

An do ràinig?

Did reach?



Cha do ràinig

Didn’t reach

An ruig?

Will reach?


Will reach

Cha ruig

Won’t reach 

A very common saying featuring ruig is: 

Ruigidh each mall muileann  

It bears repeating! With beir we must use air (on) when talking about siubhal (travel): beir + air (catch), otherwise the meaning is completely different! 

An do rug … air? Rug … air Cha do rug … air 
Did catch? Caught Didn’t catch 
Am beir … air? Beiridh … air Cha bheir … air 
Will catch? Will catch Won’t catch 

An do rug … air?

Did catch?

Rug … air


Cha do rug … air

Didn’t catch

Am beir … air?

Will catch?

Beiridh … air

Will catch

Cha bheir … air

Won’t catch 

We can also use beir air to talk about ‘getting’ someone or ‘catching’ someone. 

Rug i air feasgar.

She caught him/it in the afternoon.

Tha iad an dòchas gum beir iad air a‑màireach.

They hope they’ll catch him/it tomorrow

Beiridh mise ort!

I’ll get you!

Play with the sentences below. There are no wrong answers! 

Am beir iad air

Will they catch
an trèana the train a’ bhus the bus a’ bhàt’aiseig the ferry an lioft the lift a’ phlèana the plane an tagsaidh the taxi

ann an ùine?

in time?

An do ràinig i …? 

An do ràinig i

Did she reach/arrive at
an stèisean the station am port the port am port-adhair the airport an oifis the office dhachaigh home a’ choinneamh the meeting

aig an àm cheart?

at the right time?