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The Workplace

Complete for 2 points

Cabadaich - Dèanta!

Chatting - Complete!

Cabadaich – Dèanta!


You should now be confident as follows:  

A’ bruidhinn air na thuirt daoine eile is na chanas daoine riutha | Talking about what people said and what people will say to them. 

You should also have learnt 

Na gnìomhairean CAN/ABAIR san tràth chaithte agus theachdail: Thuirt/Canaidh | The verbs CAN/ABAIR, in the past and future tense Thuirt/Canaidh 

Nach math a rinn thu! 

You have learnt to talk about cabadaich (chatting) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini-test to see how well you’re doing? 

Why not move on to learn how to talk about a’ siubhal a dh’obair (travelling to work)? 


Let’s do it

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